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Did you know? Jeans fabric is said to originate from the cities of Genoa, Italy and Nimes, France. In fact, it was used by Genoa sailors to protect their goods from bad weather! Denim fabric came about when the people of Nime attempted to duplicate this versatile fabric. Whilst Genoa’s jeans fabric was similar to cotton corduroy, Nime’s denim fabric was more durable and considered much higher quality. What’s in a color? Until the 19th century, indigo dyes (to dye fabric blue) were extracted from indigo plantations in India. Germany started to develop indigo synthesis methods and BASF got a process to mass-produce synthetic indigo by 1897. Denim has remained one of the world’s favorite fashion materials. - Blue - Indigo - Black

The technology behind a good night's sleep

Sleep is a science. That's why our products feature the latest technologies to give you the ultimate comfort and support for the ultimate night's sleep.

Duralastic Spring Preferred

The mattresses with softer padding, a spring system that evenly spreads the support that cradles and adheres to your body contour to lull you into a baby-like sleep. An assurance of 10 years product warranty will definitely put your mind into deep relaxation.

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