Perfect 2

Chiro Miracoil™ Preferred

Co-designed and endorsed by practicing chiropractors, Preferred Chiro Perfect 2 are designed with high density foam cushioning Comfort Layer. The Miracoil™ Spring System helps to provide firmer support for increased back comfort:

King 6' x 6'3"
Queen 5' x 6'3"
Super Single 3'6" x 6'3"
Single 3' x 6'3"
Feel Extra Firm
Thickness 14"

Reasons to

Miracoil™ - the world’s most advanced spring system.
High density foam: firmer support.
Supports body structure.
Fabric knitted with Certified Bacteria-Free Protection.
10 Year Warranty.

Key Features

Springs run from edge-to-edge, resulting in maximum sleeping area and support.
Fabric knitted with certified bacteria-free protection
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