Innergie Anti-Stress Sensotic

Pocket Spring Solutions

The fabrics of the multi-layered and extra-thick Plushtop & Eurotop comfort layers are weaved with Stress Free Yarn, discharging static and negative ions during deep slumber and refreshing body and mind.

King 6' x 6'3"
Queen 5' x 6'3"
Super Single 3'6" x 6'3"
Single 3' x 6'3"
Feel Soft
Thickness 14"

Reasons to

The Pocket Spring System: Individually Encased Pocket Spring
Discharges static and body tension
Transforms negative energy
100% natural latex
10 Year Warranty

Key Features

Individually fabric-encased coils of the Pocket Spring System.
Multi-layered, soft and luxurious Eurotop and Plushtop.
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