Latex Anti-Static

Chiro Miracoil™ Solutions

This memory foam is treated with an anti-static finishing that draws both accumulated static electricity and body tension and discharges them as you sleep. You’ll face the new morning refreshed; free of tension and stress.

King 6' x 6'3"
Queen 5' x 6'3"
Super Single 3'6" x 6'3"
Single 3' x 6'3"
Feel Soft
Thickness 15"

Reasons to

Miracoil™ - the world’s most advanced spring system
Anti-static memory foam de-stresses the body & relieves body tension
100% natural latex
10 Year Warranty

Key Features

The combination of natural latex and anti-static memory foam takes away the body’s tension and stress
The Miracoil™ Spring System cares for your back and spine
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