Latex Gel

Chiro Miracoil™ Solutions

An upper layer of memory foam infused with cooling gel reduces trapped body heat and distributes cool air throughout, while the Miracoil™ Spring System provides superior back care. For extra protection, the mattress top fabric is treated with FrescheTM, the next generation in fabric protection against bacteria, fungal attack and odour. For more information on this treatment please visit

King 6' x 6'3"
Queen 5' x 6'3"
Super Single 3'6" x 6'3"
Single 3' x 6'3"
Feel Soft
Thickness 15"

Reasons to

Miracoil™ - the world’s most advanced spring system
Cooler, pressure relieved sleep
100% natural latex
Gel-infused memory foam

Key Features

The combination of cooling-gel-infused memory foam and natural latex provides a cooler and longer sleep
The Miracoil™ Spring System allays pressure points and cares for your back all night long
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