Miracoil Spring Technology

World's Most Advanced Spring System.

Miracoil Spring Technology

Meet the world's most advanced spring system – designed by Leggett & Platt, USA and engineered with back care as its first priority. No wonder it’s preferred by 84.9% of Malaysians!

Minimal Partner Disturbance

Head-to-toe helical wires for minimal partner disturbance.

Unique Spring System

The only spring system with a unique ‘hydraulic-like’ shape and closely-coiled center zone.

Higher Coil Count

49% higher coil count for extra spinal support, with higher coil count in the center zone.

Comfort & Back Support

High-density foam cushioning for plush comfort and back support.

Heat-Tempered Springs

Fully heat-tempered gives it superior strength that lasts longer.

Safety-First Design

No knots and no sharp edges. Thinner lighter wires don’t get out of place, and make mattress easier to carry and flip.

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